What is the use of titanium powder?
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What is the use of titanium powder?

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The uses of titanium powder are as follows:
1. Pigments, additives and coatings:
About 95 percent of the titanium ore mined from the Earth's surface is sent to be refined into titanium dioxide, an ultra-white, long-lasting pigment that is used to make paint, paper, toothpaste and plastics. Titanium dioxide is also used in cement, gemstones, opacifiers for papermaking, and as a strengthening agent for graphite composite fishing rods and golf clubs.
2. Space navigation and navigation:
Due to its high tensile strength-density ratio, excellent corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, crack resistance, and ability to withstand moderately high temperatures without creep, titanium alloys are used in aircraft, armor plating, naval vessels , spacecraft and missiles.
In these applications, alloys of titanium with aluminum, vanadium, and other elements are used to make a variety of components, including critical structural components, firewalls, landing gear, exhaust pipes (helicopter), and hydraulic systems.
3. Industry:
The chemical and petrochemical fields need to use titanium welded pipes and processing equipment (heat exchangers, tanks, processing vessels, valves), mainly due to the corrosion resistance of titanium.
In-well and nickel hydrometallurgical applications use certain alloys, such as titanium βC, because of the need for high strength, high corrosion resistance, or both. Titanium is used in some production equipment in the paper industry that is exposed to aggressive media such as sodium hypochlorite or wet chlorine gas (for bleaching).
4. Consumables and building materials:
Titanium is used in automobiles, especially racing cars (cars or motorcycles), where it is extremely important to reduce weight without losing strength and stiffness. In general, titanium metal is too expensive for the general mass consumer market to have a market, so its main market is high-end products, especially the competition / high performance market. The latest Corvette sports car is available as an option with a titanium exhaust system.
5. Medicine:
Small titanium pieces and screws are used to fix the broken bones of eye frame fractures. Due to its biocompatibility (non-toxic and not rejected by the human body), titanium is widely used in medicine, including surgical instruments and implants, For example, the replacement of the hip frame and ball joint can be used for up to 20 years. Titanium for this purpose is generally alloyed with 4% aluminum or 6% aluminum plus 4% vanadium.

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