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Innovative high-tech company

Chuangyun New Materials is a dynamic "ultra-high purity" metal high-tech enterprise, committed to producing 99.999% ultra-high
purity metal raw materials. Products include semiconductor targets, aero-engines, high-purity metals for biomedical
applications, and special performance materials for military applications.
It is the only ultra-high purity titanium metal industrial production base in China, making China one of the only three countries in the world with this technology and production line.

Why Choose CRNMC

With complete "High-Purity Metal" production line and advanced engineering technology capabilities, we have demonstrated the professionalism of high-purity metal material manufacturers.


ISO9001 thoroughly implemented, company-owned GDMS/LECO test on every single batch, the quality is assured.


150 tons of high purity titanium ingots, 2650 tons of titanium crystal, we deliver what we promised.


Over 40 technicians and engineering with post-undergraduate degrees Engineering and Science, we support our clients with experience, passion and knowledge.


Every day, there are enough high purity titanium, copper, nickel and other products in stock to ensure delivery and export to all parts of the world.

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Meet us in Exhibitions and Conferences, as a top global manufacturers of high purity titanium.