TiAl Titanium Alloy
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TiAl Titanium Alloy

  • Vacuum Melting

  • Ningbo Chuangrun Base

  • Diameter (50-100) mm

  • Wooden box/pallet packaging

  • 50 Kg

  • Aerospace, Aviation


TiAl Overview:

TiAl alloys have low density, high modulus of elasticity, better overall performance index than traditional high-temperature alloys,and higher toughness than ordinary ceramic materials, showing remarkable development prospects in aerospace materials, becoming one of the representatives of a new generation of high-temperature materials, as the material of choice for high-pressure compressors and low-pressure turbine blades of advanced military aircraft engines with high thrust-to-weight ratio.

Ningbo Chuangrun New Materials Co., Ltd.  (CRNMC) was established in June 2012 and has 4 production bases.

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