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TiAl Titanium Alloy


  • Vacuum Melting

  • Ningbo Chuangrun Base

  • Diameter (50-100) mm

  • Wooden box/pallet packaging

  • 50 kg

  • Aerospace, Aviation


TiAl Overview:

TiAl alloys have low density, high modulus of elasticity, better overall performance index than traditional high-temperature alloys,and higher toughness than ordinary ceramic materials, showing remarkable development prospects in aerospace materials, becoming one of the representatives of a new generation of high-temperature materials, as the material of choice for high-pressure compressors and low-pressure turbine blades of advanced military aircraft engines with high thrust-to-weight ratio.

As a high-temperature structural material with great development potential, it is expected to be used in the manufacture of aviation, aerospace and other ultra-high-speed aircraft engine components. In addition, TiAl alloys can also be superplastic, gas expansion molding and other technologies to manufacture engine shells, bulkheads and hot zone skins.

Ningbo Chuangrun New Materials Co., Ltd.  (CRNMC) was established in June 2012 and has 4 production bases.

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