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Titanium equipment manufacturing?

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1. Reactor: Due to the different production processes and operating conditions of users, the jacket heating types are divided into electric heating rod heating, steam heating, and heat conduction oil circulation heating; shaft seals are divided into packing seals and mechanical seals; stirring types include anchor, Paddle type, pot wheel type, push type or frame type. The number of holes, specifications or other requirements can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.
2. Condenser: tube condenser, according to the material is divided into composite High Purity Titanium Tubes and tube condenser, titanium tube and tube condenser and carbon steel and titanium mixed tube and tube condenser, according to the form is divided into fixed tube plate type, floating head type, U-tube heat exchangers are divided into single-tube pass, double-tube pass and multi-tube pass according to their structure. The heat transfer area is 0.5-500m2, which can be customized according to different needs of users.
3. Tank: The fermentation tank designed by our factory is a standard tank type. When the nominal volume is below 6m3, the tank adopts a jacket type. The cooling or heating of the fermentation gas is completed by the jacket. When the nominal volume is more than 6m3, the cooling of the fermentation gas is borne by the vertical tube, and we have made improvements in the connection of the tube in the tank. This is mainly to avoid opening more holes on the tank body and opening a dead angle. This continuous method has achieved satisfactory results in actual use. Fermentation equipment tank types can be divided into two categories: one is the cone type for anaerobic fermentation (such as alcohol fermentation), and the other is the tank type for gas fermentation (such as standard, Wu, self-priming, etc.). This type of equipment is most commonly used in standard tank types. The drawings and materials of the fermentation tank series designed by our factory belong to the standard tank type. When designing fermentation equipment of various specifications, the design structure should be tight, with sufficient strength and service life, and the internal accessories of the equipment should be small, and the surface should be smooth. The material is transferred and the gas exchange is carried out effectively. There is enough heat exchange area to ensure that the fermentation can be carried out at the most suitable temperature. Pay attention to the sealing performance of equipment to ensure sterilization operation.
4. Cooler:
Main application: It is mainly suitable for the concentration of liquid materials in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industrial sectors, and can also recover alcohol and simple reflux extraction. Structure: This equipment mainly consists of six parts including a concentration tank, a first condenser, a vapor-liquid separator, a second condenser, a cooler, and a liquid receiver, all made of titanium. The thickening tank is a jacket structure, the condenser is a tube type, and the cooler is a coil type. [Requirements can be designed and produced according to user requirements]

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