What fields are titanium sputtering targets used in?
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What fields are titanium sputtering targets used in?

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Both sputtering titanium targets and metal titanium are composed of titanium, so the materials are basically the same, but the main difference between the two is that metal titanium can be used as a raw material to produce titanium targets, while titanium targets can only be produced. products that come out.
Titanium targets can be used for wafer conductive barrier layers and packaging metal wiring layers. During the wafer fabrication process, the target is mainly used to attach the conductive layer, barrier layer and metal gate of the wafer, and in the chip packaging process, the target is used to generate metal materials such as the metal layer under the bump and the wiring layer. The cost of the target in the wafer fabrication and packaging process is about 3%. Although the target is not used in the wafer fabrication and chip packaging, the quality of the sputtering target directly affects the conductivity of the conductive layer and the barrier layer. The uniformity and performance affect the transmission speed and stability of the chip, so the target is one of the core raw materials for semiconductor production.
Titanium targets used in flat panel displays include liquid crystal displays, plasma displays, electroluminescence displays and field emission displays. Sputter coating techniques are commonly used to deposit thin films for flat panel displays. Al, Cu, Ti and Mo are the primary metal sputtering targets for flat panel displays. The purity of titanium targets used in flat panel displays generally needs to be greater than 99.9%.
The requirements for sputtering titanium targets are different for non-integrated circuits and integrated circuits. In general, integrated circuits have high requirements for coating materials, such as higher purity, smaller grain size, and more accurate dimensional accuracy. But it reminds that different occupations have different requirements for titanium targets. The purity requirements of integrated circuit titanium targets are mainly greater than 99.995%, which is higher than the purity used in non-integrated circuits.

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