What are the physical and chemical properties of pure titanium
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What are the physical and chemical properties of pure titanium

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The properties of pure titanium are as follows:
1. No rust, silver gray.
2. The specific gravity is only slightly more than half that of iron, which can meet the medical "light weight" requirement.
3. Titanium has poor thermal conductivity, which can avoid the cold and heat stimulation of titanium implants to the underlying tissues.
4. Low magnetic susceptibility, it will not be magnetized when used in conjunction with magnetic metals, does not form a magnetic field, and has no adverse effects on surrounding tissues.
5. It is resistant to high and low temperature, and does not affect the mechanical properties of titanium after autoclaving.
6. The elastic modulus of titanium is closest to the bone tissue of the human body, which can avoid bone cell necrosis caused by the large difference in elastic modulus and stress concentration at the interface.
7. Titanium has a strong affinity with oxygen, so it is easy to form a thin and strong oxide film in an oxygen-containing environment. This layer of oxide film can resist the corrosion of oxidation solution, cyanide solution and other various chemical media, and has excellent corrosion resistance.
8. Titanium is 10 times stronger than bone, so it can bear general loads such as skull, jaw, ribs, etc.

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