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What are the life applications of titanium?

Abstract:Titanium is a very special metal, very light in texture, yet very tough and resistant to corrosion. ...
Titanium is a very special metal, very light in texture, yet very tough and resistant to corrosion. It will not turn black like silver, and will maintain its own color for life at room temperature. The melting point of titanium is similar to that of platinum, so it is often used in aerospace and military precision parts. After adding electric current and chemical treatment, different colors will be produced.

Titanium is a heroic metal like its name, silvery, light, and strong. Chemically, the famous and strong corrosive "Aqua regia" can swallow silver and gold, and even erode the so-called "stainless" stainless steel to become rusty and mottled, beyond recognition. However, "Aqua regia" has nothing to do with titanium. Titanium, which has been soaked in "Aqua regia" for several years, is still bright and radiant! It has excellent resistance to acid and alkali corrosion; if titanium is added to stainless steel, only about one percent is added, which greatly improves the ability to resist rust. Titanium is stable in the air at room temperature; because titanium has excellent characteristics such as low density, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance, titanium alloys have high strength, low density and high strength. The density is half that of steel and the strength is about the same as that of steel; titanium is resistant High temperature and low temperature resistance. High strength can be maintained in a wide temperature range of -253℃~500℃. These advantages are necessary for space metal. Titanium alloy is a good material for making rocket engine shells, artificial satellites, and spacecraft. Titanium is called "space metal". Because of these advantages, titanium has become a prominent rare metal since the 1950s.

Titanium is a pure metal. Because of the "pureness" of titanium metal, when a substance comes in contact with it, there will be no chemical reaction. That is to say, because of the high corrosion resistance and stability of titanium, it will not affect its essence after long-term contact with people, so it will not cause human allergies. It is the only one that has no effect on human autonomic nerves and taste. Metal. Titanium is also called "biophilic metal". Titanium has unique uses in medicine. In the bone injury, fix it with a titanium plate and a titanium screw. After a few months, the bone will grow on the titanium plate and the screw thread. The new muscles are wrapped in titanium plates. This "titanium bone" is like real bones, and even titanium artificial bones can be used instead of human bones to treat fractures.

Due to the above characteristics of titanium, its unique silver-gray tone has a good performance whether it is high-polished, mercerized or matt. It is the most suitable jewelry metal except for the precious metals platinum and gold. It is often used in modern foreign jewelry designs. However, due to the high technical requirements for titanium processing, it is difficult to cast it with ordinary equipment, and it is difficult to weld it with ordinary tools, so it is difficult to form a production scale. Therefore, it is difficult to see it in the domestic jewelry market, commonly known as titanium in the market.