​What are the corrosion forms of titanium?
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​What are the corrosion forms of titanium?

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The corrosion forms of titanium include two categories: general corrosion and local corrosion: general corrosion is the form of comprehensive and uniform corrosion; local corrosion is the form of local corrosion relative to general corrosion. It can be divided into: crevice corrosion, spot corrosion Corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, galvanic corrosion, abrasion, hydrogen absorption and hydrogen embrittlement.

1. Crevice corrosion: The corrosion phenomenon that occurs between the flanges or folds and the crevices near the deposits generally occurs in narrow crevices.

2. Pitting corrosion: the corrosion that occurs during the opening of the hole, such as the corrosion phenomenon caused by the presence of halogen ions such as C1-, B-, I-, etc.

3. Stress corrosion cracking: a type of brittle failure caused by tensile stress in a specific environment.

4. Abrasion: The phenomenon that the fluid promotes electrochemical corrosion due to the mechanical action.

5. Galvanic corrosion: Also known as dissimilar metal contact corrosion, it is a phenomenon that promotes the corrosion of the metal with the lower potential in the state of electrical short circuit.

6. Hydrogen absorption and hydrogen embrittlement: When hydrogen is taken out of the material, when the amount taken out exceeds the solid solution limit of the material, brittle hydrides will be formed, resulting in hydrogen embrittlement.

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