Storage and manufacturing requirements of titanium powder
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Storage and manufacturing requirements of titanium powder

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Titanium powder is flammable and explosive dangerous goods, usually packed in iron drums. In order to prevent moisture absorption and oxidation, the grade titanium powder needs to be evacuated and packaged in a composite plastic bag (or aluminum foil plastic composite bag) or filled with air immediately after processing, and then put into an iron barrel. When transporting, it must be handled with care to avoid shock. Storage should use a separate dedicated warehouse.
Titanium powder is mainly used as a raw material for powder metallurgy, and can also be used as a getter, a fireworks deflagration agent and a grain refiner in aluminum processing.
At present, countries around the world have not formulated national standards for the quality of titanium powder, and only the specifications set by each manufacturer. In general, the quality of titanium powder includes three aspects, namely purity, particle size (or particle size range) and particle shape.
The purity of titanium powder includes the amount of bench drilling and the content of impurities. The purity of titanium powder is related to its particle size. For products of the same specification, the smaller the particle size, the lower the purity. Usually, the (coarse) titanium powder containing not less than 99% or close to 99% of titanium is called a grade product (if it is a titanium alloy powder, it should include the alloy components); the one with a lower purity than it is called a quasi-grade product. In the grade of titanium powder, in addition to the special purpose requirements, it is generally required to use the oxygen content to classify (the same as the titanium content), that is, the lower the oxygen content, the higher the quality. Among them, those with an oxygen content of less than 0.15% are often referred to as high-quality titanium powders.
Titanium powder particle size can be divided into 4 grades artificially, the particle size of 1000-50um is coarse powder; 50-10um is fine powder; 10-O. 5 small for micro powder; less than 0.5um for ultra-fine powder.
The particle shape of titanium powder is spherical, polygonal, sponge-like and flake-like, and its particle shape is related to the preparation method.
With the development of science and technology and the expansion of titanium powder application fields, the requirements for the quality of titanium powder are constantly improving. The market demand for high-quality titanium powder abroad is strong. The oxygen content of many high-quality titanium powders has reached about 0.1%.

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