Aerospace Applications of Titanium Components
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Aerospace Applications of Titanium Components

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Whether you are a consumer or a supplier, it is vital to know how to preserve titanium components to ensure their quality. Titanium has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is often used in aerospace applications. Aerospace manufacturers rely on additive manufacturing to produce complex titanium parts directly from titanium raw material. This technology helps reduce costs, reduce material waste and improve performance. The process uses a plasma torch and titanium wire and is 50-100 times faster than conventional powder systems.
Aerospace manufacturers use titanium in lightweight components that operate at high temperatures. These components include rims and uprights. One of titanium's largest aerospace applications is rocketry, which requires great strength. Typical titanium parts produced by additive manufacturing processes have a buy-to-flight ratio of 3-12:1. This means that for every pound of titanium purchased, 12-25 pounds are used in the production of parts. This is a significant cost savings.
Aerospace manufacturers are also using metal 3D printing to make titanium parts more affordable. The process uses a plasma torch and titanium wire to build titanium parts in a series of layers. The process uses 25% to 50% less titanium than forged or powder-based systems. This process may be extended to larger structural components in the future.
In order to manufacture lightweight parts, special shaping is required. This requires heavy mechanical presses specially designed for titanium machining. Additionally, special soldering requires temperatures in excess of 900 degrees Fahrenheit. These processes also require an oxygen-free environment.
One of the most efficient methods of manufacturing titanium machined parts is CNC machining. The process uses computer-controlled cutting tools to turn material. Traditional manufacturing methods generate up to 80% material waste. CNC machining is also one of the most cost-effective methods of producing titanium parts. The cost of titanium powder is also high, and it is difficult to find a cost-effective solution.

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