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Other High Purity Metals Suppliers

Ningbo Chuangrun New Materials Co., Ltd. (CRNMC) was established in 2012. It is a specializing China Other High Purity Metals suppliers, specializing in Wholesale Other High Purity Metals. Our plant area is 32,000 square meters and the production facility area is 23,000 square meters. We mainly produce ultra-high purity titanium crystals, titanium ingots, titanium plates, titanium tubes, titanium powder and other related deep-processed products. It is specially designed for semiconductor target, liquid crystal display target, aerospace, medical equipment, military industry and other industries. As a Other High Purity Metals company, CRNMC's unique titanium refining route, Kroll method and electrolysis process are combined to produce 5N titanium with an oxygen content of less than 100ppm. We are the only manufacturer in China and the fourth in the world that can produce ultra-high purity materials, and we look forward to cooperating with you.