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About ultra-high purity titanium?


In September 2014, China's first furnace of "electronic […]

In September 2014, China's first furnace of "electronic grade low-oxygen ultra-high purity titanium" was successfully developed and put into production in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, breaking the foreign monopoly in one fell swoop. Low-oxygen ultra-high-purity titanium is mainly used in core industrial fields such as sputtering targets for semiconductors, aerospace, and offshore oil, which is of great strategic significance. It is particularly worth mentioning that ultra-high purity titanium is an important raw material guarantee for China's independent large aircraft project.
Prior to this, the price of ultra high purity titanium imported from abroad was about 1.2 million yuan/ton. Due to the limitation of purification technology, only three companies in the United States and Japan can produce ultra-high purity titanium. As high-end strategic metal materials, the US and Japanese governments strictly restrict exports to China. China often depends on the "faces" of the United States and Japan in the field of ultra-high purity titanium.
The commissioning of Ningbo Chuangrun New Material Co., Ltd.'s "250 tons of electronic grade low-oxygen ultra-high purity titanium project" has filled the technological gap of China's high-end titanium materials, which means that China has independent production capacity of low-oxygen ultra-high purity titanium , To achieve this strategic metal independence and self-sufficiency, completely get rid of dependence on foreign countries. After the monopoly is broken, the aerospace industry will directly benefit.


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