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About high temperature titanium alloy?


The world's first successfully developed high-temperatu […]

The world's first successfully developed high-temperature titanium alloy is Ti-6Al-4V, with a working temperature of 300-350°C. Subsequently, alloys such as IMI550 and BT3-1 with a temperature of 400℃ have been developed, and alloys such as IMI679, IMI685, Ti-6246, and Ti-6242 with a temperature of 450~500℃. New high-temperature titanium alloys that have been successfully used in military and civil aircraft engines include IMI829 and IMI834 alloys in the United Kingdom; Ti-1100 alloys in the United States; and BT18Y and BT36 alloys in Russia. Table 7 shows the maximum operating temperature of new high-temperature titanium alloys in some countries.
In recent years, foreign countries have adopted rapid solidification/powder metallurgy technology, fiber or particle reinforced composite materials to develop titanium alloys as the development direction of high-temperature titanium alloys, so that the use temperature of titanium alloys can be increased to 650℃ or more[1,27,29,31 ]. The American McDonnell Douglas Company has successfully developed a high-purity, high-density titanium alloy using rapid solidification/powder metallurgy technology, whose strength at 760°C is equivalent to that of titanium alloys used at room temperature.

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