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High-purity titanium for semiconductor targets

High-purity titanium sputtering target for integrated circuits, flat target for LCD display industry, sputtering target for semiconductor components, target for solar industry.

High purity titanium for aerospace alloy industry

High purity titanium evaporation material is widely used for vacuum coating. Dimension of the products can be customized.

High purity titanium for medical industry

High purity titanium wire can be used as a binding material, human implantation devices. In the biological, medical and other fields,have a large number of applications.

High purity titanium for powder metallurgy industry

Titanium crystal products with low iron, low oxygen, high purity, can be used for high purity alloy smelting, high purity powder preparation etc.

High purity titanium for glass LCD OLED coating industry

Application areas large scale integrated circuit manufacturing, LCD target, decorative coating.